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Reading Intent

At Cranbrook, we want our children to build a life-long love for reading by exploring their curiosity through memorable learning experiences. Reading at Cranbrook widens pupils’ horizons, stimulates their imagination and develops their understanding of the world. We begin the process of learning to read in the Early Years Foundation Stage, where we believe that the systematic teaching of phonics is the fastest and most effective way of enabling young children to start reading. We aim to expose our children to an ever widening range of culturally diverse, classic and modern texts to develop critical thinking skills and resilience in learning. Research shows that reading ability is one of the most important indicators of success in later life. We enable our children to become confident and articulate communicators by enriching their vocabulary using a range of high quality texts. We equip our children with the phonic skills to decode words and by the end of Key Stage 2 (KS2), our pupils leave our school as independent readers with a passion for reading, well prepared to tackle the next stage of their educational journey. We aspire for our children to appreciate the power of reading and we have a strong focus on this within our school.


此外,我们的员工接受了互惠阅读和全班阅读方法的培训,以提高流利度、理解力和推理能力,以帮助学生达到预期年龄甚至更高的水平。通过 Lexia 等干预措施支持未按预期工作的儿童,以加速和促进他们的进步。


我们通过暑期阅读挑战、Readalicious 高质量文本列表、世界读书日、教师大声朗读、亲爱的时间、经典文本、共享阅读、伙伴阅读和计划机会从各种优质文学作品(包括来自不同作者的文本)中鼓励对阅读的热爱.我们通过选择文本和主角来培养我们的学校驱动力,并培养同理心、决心、抱负和自信的沟通者。 我们学校周围的展示表明我们是一个阅读社区——家长、学生和老师的时间表展示了阅读如何改变和塑造了我们的生活。 鼓励孩子理解和相信;


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